Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Old Boy and Girls Association is formed today

Good news. The Kulai SSI Old Boys and Old Girls Associaiton is officially formed today. More details will follow later; stay tuned.


Blogger Chong Lian How said...

My deep gratitude to Dr Ho Loon Shin and Mr Wong Cheer Feng for accepting the posts of president & Vice-President respectively, of SSI Alumni.

Thanks a million to Mr Michaei Parry and YB Cheong Chin Liang
(ADUN Bukit Batu) for graciously agreeing to be the patrons.

Without the presence of old boys & girls, the protem Committee of SSI Alumni would not become a reality. So cheers to you---those who turned up at SSI today.

Special thanks go to the teachers and students who have done a great job in the preparation and the running of the alumni meeting...

Several very concerned old boys/girls were not able to attend due to other commitment. However, I am confident that they will register themselves as members soon. Lets keep the spirit of SSI fellowship alive!

It has been a historic day for SSI since 1965... the first step to registering the Alumni has been accomplished today!

Photos and more reports will becoming soon.

Selamat hari Raya and Happy Deepavali,

Warmest regard,

Chong Lian How

Principal of SMKSI
cum Ex-officio Of SSI Alumni

10:56 PM  

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