Monday, October 27, 2008

Protem Committee of SSI Alumni

Hi, Folks!

This is Chong Lian How.
I wish to thank everyone who were present for making today's mainagenda, that is the formation of the Protem Committee of SSI Alumni,a success!

Special thanks go to Mr Michael Parry & YB Cheong ChingLiang(ADUN Bukit Batu)who have graciously accepted being the Patronsof SSI Alumni. I am confident that under the leadership of Dr Ho LoonShin and Mr Wong Cheer Feng,SSI Alumni will be able to chart out thenext course of actions which will improve fellowship and help theschool in several ways.

To my teachers who were in the workingcommittee and students who helped in today's event-- You all havedone a great job! Photos and details will be available in the verynear future.The

Protem Committee:
Patron 1 : Mr Michael G ParryPatron 2 : YB Mr Cheong Ching Liang (ADUN Bukit Batu)
Ex-officio : Mdm Chong Lian How
President : Dr Ho Loon Shin
Vice President : Mr Wong Cheer Feng
Secretary : Ms Shirly a/p Savariappan
Asst Secretary : Ir Yap Ten Leong
Treasurer : Mdm Kong Seow Hui
Asst Treasurer : Mr Albert Tai Foot Kian
Auditor : 1. Mr Chong Kuek Phin: 2. Pn Mariana bt Ismail
Trustee : 1. Mdm Chong Ngek Tai: 2. Mr Chong Lam Poo
Committee Members :
1. Mr Stanley Cheng Swee Seng
2. Mr Wenceslas a/l Savariappan
3. Mr lucas Chew Kar Hin
4. Mr Muhamad Fadli bin Bakri
5. Mr Benny Chong Kim Chuan
6. Mr William Lim Chun Jack
7. Mr Soh Ah Seng
8. Mr Hiew Thian Pow
9. Mr Hamzah b Abu Talib
10. Ms Wong Yoke Foong

Happy Deepavali, lets celebrate and rest too.

Warmest regards,
Chong Lian How
Principal of SSI


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