Thursday, January 08, 2009

An invitation to all SSI Kulai Alumni

An invitation to all SSI Kulai Alumni

SSI Kulai Alumni Chinese New Year Reunion Luncheon will be held on:
Date : 27th January 2009, Tuesday (2nd day of the Chinese New Year)
Time : 12.00 p.m.
Venue: De Fortune Restaurant
No.6&7, Jalan Cermai 1,
Taman Mesra Saleng,
Saleng (Along the main road)

The guest of honour is Y.B Cheong Chin Liang. Boys and girls, teachers, and principals
-- old and new -- will be present. For further information, you may kindly contact:

a. Shirly (012-7549404)
b. Benny Chong (012-7381323)
c. Wendy Phua (012-7202031)
d. Chong Lian How (019-7513138)

Please make time to attend to meet up old classmates. Thank you.


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